Wednesday 31 July 2013

Day 8 & 9

Ok so, this week I canvassed the deck, topcoated the hull, primed the cabin inside,sanded
and stained the new cockpit coamings and replaced the skin fittings.
For the deck I bedded the canvas in wet paint, then stretched it on and tacked it with copper
clouts, I then wet it and left it overnight to shrink, The next day I wet it down again,
stippled it through with more paint and left it to dry again, It is now ready for a topcoat of good
paint. I have ordered white Hemple multicoat for the task as it sounds like the ideal stuff for the job.
I was under pressure to get the main part of the deck covered so I didn't go taking pictures of
the process, I will for the coachroof.
It was hard to get an exact description of how to do it so I went with what seemed to come up
the most often. I'm really happy with the result and it gives a beautiful textured finish.
I got a few spatters of paint on the coachroof sides but I had given is a coat of varnish first with
that in mind so I will clean that off when all the trim is fitted, I also need to make a cover strip to
go over the tacked join down the center of the deck.
I bought all the teak for the cockpit framing, rubbing strip and toe-rails today so hopefully I can
get some of that prepared for tomorrow.

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