Monday 1 July 2013

Masts and spars

I haven't started on Teals new mast yet but as the other one is now glued I am going to
get the scarfs cut and start gluing Teals one up tomorrow.
I have been working on a 17ft boom, a 12ft gaff which are now rounded and ready for
sanding. The other mast will have the last of the clamps off tomorrow so I can cut
the taper and try and get it down to 16 sides.
The masts are made of 5 pieces so I am gluing 1 piece per day which makes it a bit more
manageable as the time for getting the glue under pressure is only about 10mins at this
temperature. Its best I glue them early and let them set in the heat during the day.
I made a list of all the jobs left to do on Teal before she comes out of the tent and can go in
the water and worked out there is around 16 days work to do. Not bad but at 3 or 4 days
a week it is going to take longer than I want. I may be able to get extra time towards the end
and some jobs may take less time so I may whittle away a few days out of that yet.

Scarf joints in mast

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