Wednesday 7 May 2014

Serving rigging wire

Ok I've spent the whole evening figuring this out. The first one I wrapped in denso tape and then in 3 strand nylon. The result looks pretty good I think but it was an absolutely disgusting job and despite the fact I bought 10 meters of 3 strand it was only enough to finish one. I'm confident that one will out last just about everything though.
The other two I covered in nylon braid which Leo had left over from Sile á Dó. I just put it on dry and stuck it in a load of linseed oil. It was a much cleaner job.
I fitted a manual bilge pump today, finished painting the bilge, finished varnishing the soleboards, put in new battery leads and wired in the kill switch.
Tomorrow evening I'm gonna have a go at the few leather bits I need to make.
The weather is looking utter crap for the weekend so its most likely Teal will be staying dry until Monday. Hopefully we will still get at the rig on Friday.

Denso tape, Dam sticky but very waterproof

The 3 strand was white when I started

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