Wednesday 14 May 2014

She Floats !

Hair Raising day yesterday.
I got to the yard at lunch time and started moving all the spars up the yard. Ken arrived a bit later and
we moved the mast. Liam craned it in and we got all the rigging clipped in place temporarily with bulldog clips, They will be swaged properly tomorrow.
We spent the next while running about getting the bobkin, bowsprit and mizzen mast up.
The girls and kids arrived with a bottle of champagne and icecreams so we had a little cooling off period
before hooking up the crane.
Once the crane had the weight there was a little more running around removing blocks and the legs and patching up the anti-foul. Then in she went.
Leo jumped on board to check for water while she was in the slings and told me to go have a look but there was just rain water running forward from under the engine. She was surprisingly dry, there were only 2 or 3 little seeps which all dried up quite quickly and she didn't take any water last night.
She motored out to raft up outside the other boats under her own power where we tied her up and popped the bottle of champagne. Kids all crowded on board to climb all over everything and once it all quieted down we cooked some dinner, drank some coffee, drank some beer and had a nice night's sleep on board.
All in all everything went great. I have a few little issues to sort out, and she needs probably half a ton of ballast as she is way too high off her marks. She must of had ballast removed at some point before I got her that I never knew about but that's relatively easy to sort.
There are some great pics of the launch here thanks to Kevin O farrell

Teal hanging over Jeremy Irons 'Willing Lass'. Willing Lass is a Blue moon yawl apparently based on the Quay punts, Her rig is very similar to Teals apart from Teals pole mast and bermudan mizzen.

Unfortunately the few pics I  have on my camera of her touching the water didn't come out good but loads of people have better ones which I will put up when I get them.

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  1. That was a very smooth launch. Good luck with her!