Tuesday 28 April 2015


The easterlies finally let up so I have been out fishing the last few days. Last week while minding the kids I planned on getting the spars out and giving them and quick sanding and coat of varnish then I looked at them and decided it was to much effort and they didn't need it. Two hours later they were done.
Today I picked up the anti-foul and painted that on, Teals bum is now black again, I'm very pleased with it, it looks a lot more fitting than the blue. I gave the chainplates a fresh coat of black too. She is now looking all smart and shiny again, just the name and coat of varnish on the rubbing strips and toerails to go. The cockpit and coachroof sides can wait until she is afloat. 
I gave all the interior a good scrub and wash as well. I think I will get away with out any painting inside this year. The satin white has been stained a little by mildew so I may change it all to gloss next year. The seat tops/bunk bases which ever you choose to call them where only ever coated with clear diamond coat which I really only put on them to offer a little protection as I had invisaged them always being covered by seat cushions. As it turned out we generally stack away the cushions when sailing to keep them clean and dry and bags and tools etc end up on the bunks which means the clear coated seat tops have gotten quite grubby so now they need something better on them as well.

I picked up the last piece of ply and some more glue today too so now I can get the skiff assembled as soon as I get a chance.
Forgot the camera again today. The picture below is of the Stags, half way between Glandore and Baltimore. This was the cold front coming in from the North on Saturday.

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