Thursday 30 April 2015

Skiff day 3

I was home with the kids for the day again today, so in preparation I cut and glued the sides of the hull yesterday evening. I got up at 7 so had an hour and a half before anyone was up to clear a space in the shed and get the sides, transom and frames assembled.
I used Polyurethane glue throughout which only takes a couple of hours to set so by this afternoon I was able to bring it out into the yard and fit the chine logs. Once they set I planed them and fitted the bottom then turned it over and fitted the gunnels.
I'm really pleased with it, It is substantually bigger than the Apple pie and with a high bow looks quite weatherly.
Once the keel and skeg have been fitted I can start cleaning all the excess glue off and get it ready for epoxy. I'm glad its just going to be epoxy coated because I wouldn't fancy having to sheath it.
I'm excited about trying it out. It was very handy using the polyurethane glue. Its messy but easy to clean off after and a lot less wastefull than mixing loads of batches of epoxy and very quick drying.

One to entertain me and one to entertain the kids, I soon moved their's further away.

Have to finish the transom top too

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