Thursday, 21 May 2015

As good as ready

I got down to Teal today and did a few bits and pieces. She was sitting broadside wind against tide so I put the new mizzen sail up to point her up while I got a few things done. Its very nice and white, don't know how I'll keep it that way. It was still far too windy to go putting on the mainsail but I did manage to patch up the paint on the side and finally fit the cords on the side panel doors in the cabin so they can be used as work tops. I changed the deal step on the engine cover to the iroko one and gave the lid a lick of paint as well.

The skiff is all painted up now and ready for the weekend, The epoxy primer I used didn't set properly for some reason, Probably used the wrong hardener as I have a load of different types in the shed, which means it is very easy to scratch the paint through to the epoxy. Maybe it will all harden up after its out in the sun and stuff for a while, even the varnish on the seats is taking two days to dry at the moment so I've only managed to get two on. That will have to do for now.

I wanted a name that was fitting to the month of May so she is simply called 'Bluebell' In Irish

Can't wait to see her afloat and try her out.


  1. Thank you, The finishes are far from prefect really but should be well up the the job. I Hope