Saturday 9 May 2015


I just put the second coat of epoxy on the out side of the hull of the skiff. I probably should have let the first coat cure completely and sanded it before the second because its a bit course. I wanted to epoxy it with the wet on wet mentod to avoid sanding and dealing with blush. I will coat the inside of the hull next and if I have enough epoxy left I will flat down the outside better and do a third coat. Either way once primed and painted it will hardly matter. I'm enjoying building it and I'm very pleased with the boat which has resulted from such an easy build. If there is one part I don't enjoy its messing with bloody epoxy.
I have all the twarts and rear seat ready to fit so once its epoxied and painted it'll be good to go. O and it needs its skeg and false stem too but I can't get timber until Monday.

Teal is pretty much waiting for the weather now. I have been making shelves and bits and pieces for inside which never got finished last year. The mast is rigged and ready to step and I have a 1914 silver coin in my pocket which I forgot to take with me the day we stood the mast last year. A 2 euro coin had to surffice.

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