Saturday 30 May 2015


Well the June bank holiday weekend is certainly not turning out very June like. The forecast on Thursday was giving 20kt Westerlies for the day, calming slightly on Friday and building throughout the weekend to finally bring South Westerly gusts in excess of 60kts for Monday and most of Tuesday. As I had a charter for Friday and had the weather allowed for the weekend as well, we opted to try and get Teal out of Baltimore on Thursday evening.
After failing to row from Churchstrand we carried the dinghy to the beach alongside the lifeboat station and I managed to row out from there. That was 20kts of wind hence why I didn't want to leave her there with the possibility of 60kts.
Once I had grabbed Ken from the pier we sailed out under staysail and mizzen. Once out of the harbour and heading downwind it was much more pleasant and we put up the full mainsail.
We had a lovely broad reach out to about 3 miles South of the Stags before Gybing and sailing all the way in on the other tack.
We were pretty much becalmed quarter of a mile from the mooring so motored in and picked it up 4 hours after dropping the mooring in Baltimore. By far our quickest trip round.
We were a lot happier leaving her in a flat calm harbour. Thankfully the forecast has eased a little now but it will still be likely gusting to 50kts. Thankfully there is little room for fetch from the South West in Union Hall so hopefully she will be a lot more comfortable there.

Crap picture but I might start to remember to bring my camera sailing sometime soon.

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