Sunday 10 February 2013

Garboard edge bevels

Yesterday I got the port garboard fitting and then removed both side and went
about correcting the edge bevels. This is done by recording the angles and
various points along the rebate with a small wooden bevel at however many stations
you wish and transferring the angle on to a piece of straight edged wood along with the
number of the station. Then you can set your bevel to the desired angle as you plane
the the edge of the garboard. The same method  is used to find the edge bevels of all the
I also fared off the false keel and the craving pieces I fitted the last day and gave them a
coat of primer while Ken cleared the stopping from all the rivets aft in preperation for
removing the steamed timbers.
Got a new wide angle lens for my birthday which explains the pics.


  1. Happy Birthday and well done with the progress. Tuesday night in the Eldon, Skibbereen (8pm), might be interesting. Film about Sandefjord's 1960's voyage around the world. She's coming to Baltimore for the wooden boat festival.

  2. Hi, Thank you, John Harding had said that to me a few weeks ago so I am planning on checking it out. I believe you mentioned an engine you had lined up for yours when we spoke, I was
    wondering whether you had planned on using it or if you had ever heard anymore about it.

  3. can you email me, you should have my addy in the blog followers list.

  4. Can't seem to find it, My email is