Saturday 23 February 2013

The missing piece

Today I scarfed the extra piece on to the plank above the garboard to make up the full
length, did the edge bevels and got it in the steamer, While that was steaming I got a lump
of oak and started on the missing bit, I assume it would be called a false keel as well but
either way it has been missing since we bought the boat and was the last piece to finish off
the lines of the hull.
I fastened most of the plank in place but just twisted the aft piece in and clamped it as I want
to take it out and glue the scarf when the plank is dry. After a leisurely 4 o clock coffee break
I fared of the bottom of the stem and the false keel and gave it a coat of primer.
Also we have placed the order for old growth douglas fir for Teals's new main mast along with
the timber for the Eva's mast and a mast I am making for a Bawley so there will be a lot of
mast and spar building going on shortly.
Check out for images of the
Eva which is being rebuilt in Hegarty's at the moment, A Baltimore yacht built in the 1890's.

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