Saturday 16 February 2013

Steamed ribs comin' out

I fitted another plank last Wednesday and Ken and myself went down today and got a
good bit done.
I set about fitting another plank and Ken went removing steamed ribs. While the plank
was in the steamer I glued on a new plank edge to an existing plank to make up for a
wide caulking seam.
Only the planks above each garboard left to do now, although I have two other bits which
may be changed before we get to caulking but there not too bad and its more a case of
changing them as we're at it.
Inside looks much neater now most of the messy ribs are gone. New ones are in the making
at who are also sending us our copper rivets, They provide a
ready made ribs service so when they arrive they are the right size in green oak and ready
to be steamed which means we have no waste.

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