Saturday 2 February 2013

Garboards & stealers

Yesterday I was going to go buy some more Iroko for planking but when I went out
to my car it had a flat tire, no diesel in it and I ran the battery dead trying to start it so
I had to go spend my money on fuel and 2 new tires instead. I'll get it next week.
That meant I had to find something cheaper to continue with. I had been down to the
yard on Tuesday and had finished the other difficult stealer and also changed another
one lower down, I could have left it but it was easy to change and it didn't require
much timber, I finished by painting up a few bits of bare wood here and there.
Today I started refitting the garboards, I was afraid they would be slightly short as
everything they attach too has been changed but it turned out they where about half an
inch long. I have one temporarily fixed in place and the other clamped up ready for
trimming to lenght. The seams need to be a little tighter so I'll have to do more work
on the edge bevels.
I also glued in some craving pieces were the old forward floor was bolted out through the

Dying  boats in the evening sun

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