Wednesday 14 August 2013

Day 14 & Ballydehob

Today I rounded off the top edge of the toerails, cut freeing ports in them, sanded and fitted
them all. I finished off and fitted the front hatch coamings and gave the cockpit coamings there
last coat of stain aswell.

Last weekend we called down to the Ballydehob boat festival. Its now a little used tidal harbour
so for the festival the boats come and go with the tide, although a few stay and dry out to enable
the skippers to do the opposite.
The tide was late on Saturday evening and the sun was shining so we called down at 7pm and
the place was packed. Some boats wait out at anchor but they manage to get quite a few along
side. I would have hung around longer but tired kids forced us home.
I'm looking forward to taking Teal to it although it will be a nerve racking one with her draft.
Heres a few pics from it.

This is a local boat, I'm not sure what she is but her lines are very similar to Teals

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