Saturday 24 August 2013

Engine parts & old mast

I got the heads and cylinders back from the engine place, The heads and cylinder barrels
both had pitting on the meeting faces and some water marks on the inside of one of the
cylinders, so they have all been skimmed and the cylinders honed.
I have temporarily refitted the cylinders so I can measure the piston protrusion and order
the right size shims to correct the bump clearance. Petter AC1 & AC2 engines have had
various thickness head gaskets over the years with some engines being modified to allow
for thicker gaskets, This has meant that if you fit a thinner gasket after, the pistons will hit
the engine heads and destroy the engine. The solution is to shim up the cylinder barrels to
make up the correct cylinder depth. As both my cylinders have been skimmed you can now
see the protrusion which will have to been corrected.
I put the last coat of paint on the cabin top today and the last coat of varnish on the coachroof
sides. I also cut the old main mast in half and brought it home as its going to be repurposed
and I need to remove the crane, eyebolts and winches from it.

Obvious piston protrusion. 20thou would be acceptable with a 50thou gasket but this is a lot more than 20thou.

This is the extent of the rot behind the hounds, It could probably have been repaired if the mast didn't have any other issues.

The section below the winches has been scarfed on and the mast deck stepped, There will be an extra 5 ft on the base to extend to the keel

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