Friday 16 August 2013

Day 15

I Canvassed the coachroof today, I said before that I would take pics of the process but I 
completely forgot. I made a few changes to how it was done this time.
One was that I had Jess sew the seam so I wouldn't have to put a cover strip on the cabin
top. I don't mind having one on the fore and aft decks but I didn't want one running right down 
center of the whole boat. I bedded the canvas in wet paint, tacked it and then wet it down. 
Last time I left it at that to shrink over night before stippling it through with paint but this time 
I did it straight away, mainly to see if it would adhere better. 
Tomorrow I'm going to pull the cylinder heads off the engine and drop them in for reconditioning.
I'm going to get on with the cockpit next week. 

The new plan :
Teal should be ready to come out of tent in a weeks time if I want to put her afloat but as
she is structurally integral to the tent once she's out, she's out and as its now so late in the season I
I have decided to keep her in for the Winter. I am dying to see her out and afloat but she is now
at little risk of shrinking any further and having to work outside and having her deteriorate for the 
whole Winter just doesn't seem worth while.
On the plus side I will finish her out completely, engine, interior and all and she will be relaunched on
her centenary before Baltimore wooden boat festival next year looking as fresh as she does now.
It also gives me more time to spend little things although its disappointing that we have to wait so long
to stand back and take a look.

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