Friday, 27 September 2013

Stern tube fitted

Well I'd give that 5 spanners in the Haynes manual of boat building. Three good days work
and the tube is finally in place. Its probably much easier to go through the sternpost if you
can but anyway I got there eventually. It would probably be a lot easier if there was a plank
out nearby so you could see where you are without climbing in and out of the boat every two
In the end I got the two forward bolts just through the plank, one long one from the base of the
block in at an angle and up through a sawn frame and finally a coach bolt at the back through
into the deadwood although I still need to recess the head of that.
The shaft has ended up exactly where I wanted it so now its on to the engine beds, I also need to fit
a block to bolt the stern gland to.

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