Monday 9 September 2013


Trimmed off the plugs the other day and put on the first coat of woodskin, Second coat today
and they are looking nice.
I've also ordered the head gaskets and laid out and took rough measurements of the sails.
The mizen is in a pretty poor state and the staysail has seen better days, the mainsail has pulled
eyelets along the luff and a big FOR SALE stained into it from tape, Hopefully that might clean
off. The topsail, Jib and Genoa look in pretty good shape so I will have to see what happens
when it comes to cost. I would really like to start replacing them with a new sails in classic cream.
I also finally cut the scarfs in the new main mast this evening so I will start the gluing process

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  1. Teal looks fantastic, we're really looking forward to seeing her sail at the Baltimore ,she will be the star of the show.