Saturday 21 September 2013

Teals mast

I finally knuckled down and got on with Teal's mast.
Its almost completely sanded and ready for varnish. Teal is becoming somewhat of a test bed
for different varnishes so in a few years I'll be an expert on what to use.
I gave the cabin sides a coat of Sikken's marine stain then 5 coats of International original.
The hatch has been finished in International Schooner Gold but its twice the price of original and
its not nice to apply so I'm done with that. For the toerails and rubbing strips I used the International
woodskin on, It seems a good idea for that stuff because its easy to recoat. Its suppose to be
good on masts as well but seeming as its a new product I'm not going to risk my mast to it.
The other mast I made I varnished with original but I like the sound of the Epifanes so if I can
find it somewhere I think I'll use that. It seems to be tried and tested and loved by the people that
have used it.

Its the nicest piece of timber I think I've ever used, completely knot free.

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