Tuesday 15 January 2013

Buttoning up

I spent today putting in various screws and nuts and bolts in place as bit of a break
from planking. I countersunk the stem bolts and swapped out the temporary treaded
bar and fitted the new galvanised bolts with a little cotton around the heads to seal them
up. I also fastened all the sawn frames to the keel with 12g x 3 1/2 inch silicone bronze
screws and put in a few missing nuts and bolts here and there.
I also glued on a small repair piece on the corner of a plank and gave all the nuts on all
the doubling pieces on the frames bit of a tighten up as I guess the green oak had shrunk
Then I sorely set about removing two more planks, I didn't want to be stepping
backwards but there was no way they could be left in.

That hole looks huge in the pic but its only around an inch wide

I guessing they were damaged by burning engine oil etc when she caught fire or else they were scraped clean year after year

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