Tuesday 8 January 2013

Port planks

I've been working away at planking on the port side, I spent the last day shaping
the last long plank that I needed to do. It was a pain as it was a shutter plank and
took quite a bit of effort. I steamed it in to place last thing in the evening but it
still needed quite a bit more work. I finished it off today and it went back in
without steaming which was handy.
I only have enough Iroko for one more plank and I've run out of silicone bronze
screws although I'm expecting a delivery of more of those this week. I'll have to
try and scrape some funds together to buy the rest of the planking.

My plan is to finish planking this month, Change the steamed timbers and refasten
in February ready for re-caulking. It think that is quite achievable as long as I can
afford everything when I need it.
When Ken gets back he will finish removing the deck. The new deck will be
red deal which I will tongue and groove and will be canvas covered.
With all that done she will once again be something that can be referred to as a

My camera was dead today so I didn't get any pics.

The whole fore deck and old mast step are now gone, Just the side decks and aft deck to go. Deck beams etc look good so far. I think will will change the front half of the sheer strake while the deck is off.

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