Thursday, 10 January 2013


Yesterday I finished preparing a plank for the port side but I'm waiting for fastenings
so I just put it aside until they arrive.
Then I went about removing a damaged plank edge which is next to a stealer.
I'm going to make the stealer slightly wider to make up for it. I also had to do some
messing about where the transom, sternpost and stealer meet to enable the plank to
sit in properly and be caulked. This area was so decayed and broken up when I
removed it making the replacement match perfectly before fitting proved tricky.
Anyway it worked out fine and I made a mould of the plank end shape to make life
easier when I'm preparing the actual plank.
I've also discovered a plank which has become very thin beneath where the engine
use to sit. I had changed the same one on the opposite side and when I saw the thin
plank lying on the ground I checked this one and realised it was just as bad. It wasn't
that obvious before it was removed as its thinned between the frames. When I say
thinned I mean from 25mm to perhaps 15mm or less so it definitely needs changing.

I also need to scarf in a little piece to save the plank below

Port side

I opened the back of the tent as it was a nice day and was able to stand back and have a look

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