Thursday 24 January 2013


Not a lot to report this week, I spent Tuesday working on the stealer for the port side
and have it almost ready but I got stuck into another little project for the rest of the week.
I'm out of Iroko for planking at the moment but hopefully I
can pick some up over the next few days and try and get back on track with it.
Ken and I are going down on Saturday so hopefully the side decks will be off and
and perhaps some of the steamed frames will be out.
Actually I need to get the garboards cleaned up tomorrow and stick them on the trailer
so they can be taken down as well.
I've had no luck getting hold of Btswales whom I had hoped to buy all my copper fastenings
and the ready made green oak ribs, they provide a handy service of shipping out ribs
prepared to size and ready to be steamed in, I will try them again tomorrow.

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