Saturday 26 January 2013

Deck off

After a very casual start, a chat, some coffee and cake down at the yard we actually
managed to get a nice few bits and pieces done.
We finished removing the deck and then decided we had best rid Teal of fiberglass
and stripped it off the coach roof. We have yet to decide on our course of action with
that, It may just be canvas covered or we may replank it also. It is still solid but as you
can see its mixed and matched were the old doghouse was removed, nothing wrong with
that but it wouldn't be a big deal now just to replank it.
We also removed the rubbing strip and the cockpit coamings. The coamings were broken
and split and its just simpler to replace them.
We finally tightened up the remaining two keelbolts and gave the others another squeeze as
well, The gap between the ballast and keel actually closed up perfectly, I didn't think it would
squeeze up as far as it did so that was a pleasant surprise.
The weather is probably going to put a hold on things now for a few days as it seems its
going to be pretty nasty and the tent won't be the nicest place to be. I'm going to pick up some
Iroko and get on with planking asap.

Teal striped of all beauty, It can only get better now

There is a pocket of rot on either side were the original chainplates went through on the inside of the hull.
Thankfully the rot has only affected the knees which I will change and the old chainplate mounting blocks.

Look Ken holding heavy stuff above his head, thanks Ken


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