Monday, 14 January 2013


With it now being the new year I suddenly feel my deadline impending.  Although self imposed and
compounded perhaps by our short, almost nonexistent Summer it never the less irritates me.
I guess a lot of thought and effort goes in to everything thats involved and I could now do with having
the end in sight.
What I want for this year is to finish the major work on Teal and get her afloat and sailing. I know well
that there will be a million and one things left to do next Winter but I hope by then to be able to slow down
and take my time and enjoy all the little jobs.
I can imagine there are plenty of people who would be content to sit in that tent for years until every little detail is impeccable but thats not for me. I think I need stages to work in, make her solid, make her float, make her sail and next year, make it better.
Ken thinks I'm mad but he is abnormally laid back. I don't think he'd argue if I said I'll finish it there in 4 or 5 years.
This is what happens on days when no progress is made for a day and there is little else to do but think about it, I will be back at the boatyard tomorrow.

For now I can take some relief in how far she as come since these pictures and the first new pieces went in just 8 months ago.

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