Monday 14 October 2013


Well the bulk of the work on the cockpit is done now, I just need to plug everything and start
varnishing. The cockpit is going to be semi self draining, By that I mean it will sealed but will
have drains leading to the bilge or perhaps a well in the bilge which will contain a separate pump.
I just don't like the idea of water dripping down everywhere and all over the gearbox, fuel tank etc
and the cockpit sole is too low to be properly self draining. The center four boards will form a hatch
in the cockpit sole which I will have to make weather tight but I have a plan for that. I am going to
fit louvres in the side panels which will primarily be for ventilation but will act as scuppers to free
water to the bilge should she ship water or have the drains block up when unattended.
I spent ages drawing and planning how to make all the trim and spent a day at home doing all the
machining. The end result was that it didn't require many fastenings and hopefully it is quite water tight
without requiring too much sealant.

This will need a small weather board over the top 

Will be moving on to the interior in the not too distant future

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