Wednesday 30 October 2013

Bit of a break

Well I've been a bit laid up with the last few days with a sore shoulder and a cold so I didn't 
get anything done besides reading Teals entire trip to the Baltic . I'm finally off on bit of a holiday 
to the UK for a few days to catch up with relatives and give the kids bit of an adventure so work will 
have to wait a little while.
The last time I went to the UK was buy Teal and that was a one night stay. As luck would have it the
guy I bought Teal from lived just down the road from my cousin in London, so my hotel was cancelled
and I was treated to a free meal and a brief visit with my cous and the opportunity to meet her newborn
daughter. Now theres another to meet and our own to introduce so its time to pay another visit. 
This time I won't come back with any ancient wrecks of boats though.

These are some of the pictures from the day I went to see Teal in Iron Wharf in Faversham.

My first view of Teal

Some of the more obvious issues

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