Monday 21 October 2013


I'm always slow to get on with metalwork, I don't mind it once I've started but it doesn't
appeal to me so I have to get a few things done at once.

Teal had pinrails fitted either side of the mast bolted to the foredeck which I believe were fitted before going to the Baltic. That was fine because she had a compression post and a big steel plate in place of the mast partner . But as the mast is now keel stepped I was told it is best the halyards are run to the mast. There are a lot of halyards so cleats would be pretty messy. The solution was to mount the belay pins on the gooseneck fitting so thats what I've done,  I've repainted it for now but I may get it hot dipped if I have other stuff to do as well.

These are to bolt the engine down, The mounts on the engine have a pressed in rubber mount and could be bolted straight down but these will give some adjustability as I have drilled the retaining bolt holes oversize. 

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