Wednesday 9 October 2013

First coat of varnish on the mast

Finally the weather dried up again so I got the last few bits done on the mast and got the first
coat of varnish on. I've been keeping it covered over in the shed so I'm happy to finally start
getting the timber sealed up.
I had to make and fit the hounds, cut the tenon in the base and mortice through for the pulley
at the top and then finally got the first coat on, now just a minimum of six coats to go including
sanding between each coat. Certainly a labour intensive type of varnish. The first coat is thinned
50% then 75% for the second so it should soak well in.
I also got the bulk of the iroko for the cockpit prepared and glued what needed to be glued.

These small blocks are high up on the mast, I think they are something to do with the peak halyard, I'll soon figure it out when I start rigging

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