Sunday 20 October 2013


I plugged all the fixing holes in the cockpit trim and fitted the beads around the companionway
hatch coamings. Yesterday evening I managed to get the plugs and any excess sealant cleaned
off and gave it the first coat of varnish. I got down today to give it a second coat. I was anxious
to get the first few coats on so the timber stays clean and the tarp on the tent is starting to give up
and has quite a few leaks now and I wanted to keep the timber dry. I must say the tarp held up
really well, it was only a 100 euro on ebay for 25' x 30'  and last Winter was a pretty windy one.
I didn't think it would last so long. The cockpit is the final piece in closing the boat up so once the
varnishing is finished the cover only needs to keep me dry. I'll probably remove the tent around
February so I can finish off the stem and stern.

That dark piece of teak in the corner might annoy me but its definitely not going to come out again

I still need to make outer guides for the washboards

I put a bead along the back of the cabin top to guide water out. I'm sure the cabin slopes back when shes afloat.

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