Saturday 5 October 2013

Shaft & tube again

I spent another whole day working on the shaft and tube. I made a block to mount the gland
on between the frames. Its a real pain because the front of it has to be housed out for the
gland to sit flat against but because of the length of the tube it has to be mounted on the back
of the frames, which means I can't just twist of the gland and shape it. I have to twist the tube
to unscrew the gland then take out the timber and shape it.
The cutlass has a white metal bearing and there is a bearing on the gland end as well, so if the
face of the board isn't perfectly inline with the tube, when the bolts that hold the gland to the
board are tightened it locks up the shaft. I was pretty happy with it by the end of the day so
I sealed in the tube, put the coach bolts in the cutlass housing and cut the shaft to length.
Next is get the engine in I think.

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