Friday 15 November 2013


I was granted a long day in the boatyard today so before I went I chanced putting a coat of
varnish on the mast, the weather is nice and dry but cold so I won't know until tomorrow whether
it will stay gloss or not.
I made up the bulkhead for the fore cabin out of the remains of the deck material which there was
just about enough of, I had to put a few joints in some of them but they will all be hidden by the time
I'm finished. I used up the rest of the red deal I had on bits of the interior, I need to get some more
when I can. I'm actually really surprised how big the interior feels, I thought it would feel small with
the bulkhead in but its as if there is a whole other room instead. It might just be that the space is starting
to make sense. Either way I'm very pleased with it.
I was going to finish this evening by filling the seams in the cockpit floor. I had taped up the hatch ready
to go and opened the sealant only to find the whole tube which I bought this morning was rock solid.
I was planning on refitting the engine seacock and filling around the sterntube with sealant but I didn't
get round to it so I will do that the next day, I need to make and fit  a new limpet for the depth sounder as well while I have sealant open

I made the center boards up into a hatch, I'm going to get some flat brass to go around the edge to help keep water out, I made up the center strip as well.

My fore cabin. Ken may have a share in the boat but I'm claiming the forecabin, Right !

Theres a 1.9 meter berth either side, the galley area is the center of the photo. I am going to have some form of solid fuel heating at some stage. It will probably be a DIY bulkhead mounted stove. I know its a luxury but it will make it much more pleasant to stay on board in the Irish summer and the more Jess and the Kids enjoy it the more I'll get to stay on board. The work top area and chart table etc will be drop down items that shut up under the side deck and will double as cupboards.

The Cornstore which houses the AK Ilen
I was switching off the power a couldn't resist the picture although I didn't do it any justice.

This one looks much nicer on my computer, I don't know why blogger does weird things to dark photos.
It was nice because all the rooks were flying in

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