Sunday, 17 November 2013

Early start

Tim Cooke from put up this pic of a Youghal yawl today, The boat with the yellow gunnels in the background caught my attention. It should have, I spent most of my childhood in one. I'm not sure what make they were but they are very similar to the Fitzgerald marine 21 although the clinker simulation is different.
There was a fleet of them in Castletownsend as self drive hire boats, Thats where Dad bought his and
went on to use it for potting, netting and later running sightseeing and fishing trips from Glandore in it.
Thats how he started chartering and how I've now ended up doing the same.
I happy to say that his old one, the Carbery Miss is in lovely condition and still owned by the guy who
he sold it too about 18 years ago. They were good boats and they were out in some awful shit in it.


Dad hauling pots

Seems I was into boats earlier than that, A wooden one too

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