Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Moving inside

I have quite a lot to do once again. I've been trying to get bits and pieces that wouldn't cost anything
done before I went holiday but now that I'm back I was able to get some stuff that I needed and now
I have loads to do.
I finished the hatch and test fitted it today, I've brought it home again to varnish it, I made the
frame of the lazerette door and it just needs sheeting and gluing up. Washboard guides are fitted, just
need varnishing. The drive shaft is back with the end reduced to take a 1" coupling, shaft is 1 1/8 which
is a pain, also got a new prop nut made.
I made a fuel tank from an old keg which is the perfect size, I need to weld some fittings on to it and
get it in place before the interior is fitted permanently.
I got a 9x2 length of red deal yesterday and machined it all up to start the interior. I made up the side panels
for the bunks, they will be sheeted when its all done. It took a while to get them right but now there
is something there to orientate the rest of the interior so that should make it easier from here out.
Its hard to make a start in an empty odd shaped space.
I need to make the loose boards from the cockpit sole into a hatch as well.

Marking the door so that the sheeting in it lines up with the sheeting above and below

Time to fill the tardis

The frames are grooved and rebated for the sheeting to go in after

Its been a long time since I've made a dovetail in anything, quite pleased with myself 

This is an odd feature, hanging aft end of the bunk from the bridge deck , but it keeps the space around the back of the engine free and clear and keeps the timber out of the bilge.

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