Tuesday 19 November 2013

Shaft and prop

Yesterday I managed to get a few long outstanding jobs crossed off the list. I had a Castellated  nut
made for the shaft but I had no parallel key for it, so I bought a 316 stainless bolt and got to work with
a file and I'm very happy with the result, even if it did feel like being back in the metalwork room at school.
I greased the tube and stuck the prop on, now it just needs a split pin. I have just ordered a coupling
from http://www.asap-supplies.com so then I will just have to check the alinement and that will be that.
I heated up a tube of stikaflex in hot water to thin it out so I could pump it in around the tube, I could
have used some thinned putty with red/white lead but I'd have to find something to pump it in with.
Stikaflex will make sure it never leaks but it also means that tube will never come out again should it need

Before fitting the tube I was told to drill two holes like this, One to fill and the other to release air.

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