Friday 29 November 2013


I bought some more red deal yesterday and got it all prepared.
I bolted the two timber floors to the forward frames and fitted the main part of the forepeak berth.
I also fitted the guides for the front of the engine box, the cross pieces on the main bunks and a
few pieces of the galley area.
I had the engine remote and wiring harness to fit but I didn't get round to it today.
I have been varnishing the lazerette door at home but when I put the final coat on the it reacted and
peeled off so I have to start again. The previous coat was drying for 24 hours but its just not warm enough
without heating in the shed. Its annoying, I keep thinking of little teak items I need but they all need 6 coats
of varnish before I take them to the boat so it takes a week to have a piece ready.

I don't know if I've ever said it on here but I am keeping Teal completely free of Plywood or any kind of
manufactured board. It would make a lot of things easier but it didn't exist when Teal was built so there
should be no reason to use it now,

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