Saturday 23 November 2013

Engine alignment

I fitted the new coupling today, The alignment was very close, I moved the engine sideways a fraction
but the height was perfect. I still need to drill the coupling and fit a dowel pin for security. I wired across the coupling for anodes later on.
I finished varnishing the hatch and took it back down and gave the bulkhead two coats of primer as well.

I removed the flexible coupling to check the shaft coupling against the gearbox.
I checked it with a feeler gauge. The gap on each side was perfect but there was a 30 thou discrepancy 
between the top and bottom.  I'm more than satisfied with that with a flexible joint so the whole job didn't 
take long.

The fuel tank has had all the fittings welded in and is bolted in place, It'll hold 30lts. That should run the little Petter for quite awhile and a 5 gallon drum will be like having a full spare tank of fuel.

I primed the back of the teak sheeting because I am going to sheet the inside with pine and paint it all satin white,
Most of the interior will be satin white and I'll trim it with varnished teak.

The list of jobs left to do is starting to get short now. A lot of them will take very little time but I just have to save up and buy bits and pieces. The hatch needs a deck light for instance.

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