Friday, 8 November 2013

Back at it

Well I've had my break now so I'm back on  the job. I went to the yard on Thursday to wash and
winterise the Boy Scott, but I made time to sand the cockpit and give it its 4th coat of varnish. I
will probably do one more now and perhaps a 6th coat in the spring. It says I should do 6 if I add
thinners which you really have to with the Schooner Gold, Its like syrup otherwise.
I bought some iroko which I was short of to make the forehatch, the washboard guides and the
lazerette door.
I made most of them today. I have to hatch in the house for the glue to dry, I used the aerodux but
its only 3 or 4 degrees at best outside so it had to come in. I have been trying to decide how I wanted
to make the hatch with a while, I was considering arching it to match the coachroof but that is pretty
flat and it would be considerably more work, the other thing I could have done was to use sealant in
seams but I opted to just glue it all up, If it ever splits I can cut seams in with the skilsaw after.
For the lazerette door I need to get some of the teak sheeting out of the boat.
The shaft is also ready to be collected and I need to order a coupling.

Just need a nosing around the edge and sanding off now

I used a double rebate around the base which should make it fairly watertight even without any seals. 

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