Friday 28 November 2014

Sunny Sundays

Teal sailing out of Glandore late on a Sunday evening during the Summer. Photo by Tim Cooke

Strangely every Sunday this month the weather has been lovely and the forecast for the week ahead looks good too. A year round mooring is becoming a must for next year at least for one of the boats.

Friday 21 November 2014


I'm renovating my parents old house at the moment and when I took down a stud partition I found a newspaper and a few photos that Dad put there 20 years ago. At the time he was skippering a charter boat out of Courtmacsherry, he was running the Mark Antony, a wooden (probably half decker) that I don't remember all that well other than it had an open back wheelhouse with a raised floor that housed the engine and vibrated like mad. One of the photos was of a second boat belonging to the same person. The 'Valhalla' I remembered her as being very good looking and an older design, I think Dad chose to run the the Mark Antony because she had more room despite being shorter.
The boats where replaced in the mid to late ninetys, I would love to know what happened to the Valhalla, She must be something a long the lines of a West Country Tosher and about 35ft long. As well as that I really like the name. It would be a crying shame if she rotted away somewhere.

The joys of running a passenger boat back then, No rails, no licence and pretty sure Dad said they didn't even have a bilge pump worth talking about.

Monday 17 November 2014

November fishing

Teal is all tucked up now for the Winter, I put a proper cover over her so hopefully she will stay reasonably clean and dry although she has already been subjected to blasting grit fall out which makes a big bloody mess. Downside to being near the trawler slip. The sails have gone off to the sailmakers, the rigging screws are in a big tub of diesel and the rigging wire is sitting in a bucket of linseed oil. I flushed the engine but I still need drain the block and the exhaust before any frosty weather. I will be selling a little Petter AC1W 6hp soon by the way if anyone is looking for one. The single cylinder version of Teals engine.
I am holding out as long as I can keeping my charter boat in the water in the hope of good weather, Yesterday was looking good and I had a group so I headed off before day break, It was a lumpy morning out but as the day went on it settle down nicely and ended up being a gorgeous evening. I had the sun setting behind me on the way back up river. It was fairly well dark by the time I finished up. 
There are Fin whales and humpbacks about but unfortunately they are staying further South than I have been fishing, although the gannets were putting on a great show diving for sprat all day.

Friday 7 November 2014

Last day out

We moved the charter boats back to the boatyard for the Winter on Wednesday, Absolutely beautiful day out for the 5th of November. Makes you not want to put them away, By Thursday the weather was crap again

Local fishing boat working in the harbour

Saturday 1 November 2014

Down South & Southward bound


Leo & Co. have the right idea and set off from Baltimore a few months ago onboard Síle a Dó.
Síle started life as a Hegarty built fishing boat, By the time I first ventured into Hegarty's Leo had been toiling away in a tent for quite awhile, She had at that stage grown several feet longer and had her deck beams in place, I think she had gained a ballast keel and a built out rudder skeg by then as well. She has been sailing locally for the last few seasons. Great to see them off in her now and Leo getting his moneys worth.

Sile before her conversion
Leo's blog of the conversion here