Saturday 23 September 2017

Sad realization

So another season is nearing its end and Teal has unfortunately spent all of it on her mooring.
Keeping her in Baltimore was suppose to be the answer but we basically put her out of sight
and out of mind.
I have kept an eye on her and managed to spend a night or two on board and do a little house
keeping, run the engine etc. However I don't want to love her to death so sadly we have decided to offer her For Sale.
My current plan is to take her up river soon and put her to bed for the Winter. There are a few
finishing touches I need to do inside and the canvas deck has not held up well so I am going to
remove all the deck fittings, rubbing strips and toe-rails and recover it, either in canvas with different
paints or epoxy coat it. The only reason I would now consider epoxy is for longevity and the fact that
if I sold her and the deck goes bad it will destroy the whole boat.

Next season I will bring her back to Union Hall where at very least I will see her much more regularly at which stage I may advertise her elsewhere.
Its not that she requires much annually, a good week gets all the paint and varnish done and and doesn't cost much, the yard and insurance are the biggest cost but even that is not too bad but its
all for nothing if she is not used.
Things have changed somewhat for me since we started on Teal six years ago, the charter boat
which was originally planned to be a way of covering the cost of the boats has now become my
livelihood and as much as the kids love getting out on Teal we want to do other things as well when
I'm not fishing. This isn't a light hearted decision and I have sat to write this post numerous times
over the last few weeks.

We were asked a while back what we would have done differently in Teals rebuild with money no
object and the answer was, "nothing" she got what she needed.

So thats the story really. If you are interested in a sail-away condition, 103 year old Falmouth quay punt with all the hard work done get in touch and we can have a chat.