Saturday 17 January 2015

Looking through folders on my PC and came across these few which I don't think were ever posted, The quality is pretty poor though.

Hammering home Teals deadwood bolts. Thinking back on it it was bit of a pain, They fit well in the holes but as they were so long they became quite hard to drive in without damaging the threads. We then had to dig down under the false keel and chisel up from underneath to get the washers and nuts on them.

Very high tide at Ballydehob gathering of the boats a few years back, Síle a Dó floating at pier level.

Saoirse Muireann in a field.

Thursday 1 January 2015

Teal's Winter Coat

Another day or so and I will be starting into what is going to be a very busy start to the year. I will have to dedicate a week to getting the charter boat ready to go in March and once that is out of the way I will have to make so time to do those elusive bits and pieces on Teal as well as a paint up etc etc.
For now she is wrapped up and staying quite nice and dry unlike me who will be building (in the rain).
Happy New Year everyone  !