Wednesday 22 June 2016

We spent an hour or so in the dinghy in the morning exploring the shore of Rabbit island and couldn't resist summiting the "Stack of beans" on the eastern end. Seemed very unusual.

Wait for  the surge to float me off

A regular view of the stack

Saturday 18 June 2016

Crosshaven or not

We mooring hopped around Baltimore for as long as we could after the festival and having left her at anchor for a night we got a very favorable 18kt Northerly to take us back to Union hall. 
We had a great sail back with a few fluky variable 25kt gusts to keep us on our toes and finally beating up the harbour in a heavy squally shower. 
Our plan was to head to the trad sail in Crosshaven this weekend and leave Teal there after to wait for favorable weather to sail home. 
We later decided it seemed more hassle than it was worth this year and opted to do something else as I had the weekend booked off and we were expected to be away anyhow.
Even then we didn't feel like doing much so at about 8.30 yesterday evening after a lot of humming and hawing, we finally went out to the boat and with just a staysail and mizzen sailed off the mooring and out of the harbour.
We didn't go far, dropping anchor inside Rabbit Island about 11pm. We went doing a little exploring in the dark and stayed on board for the night.
In the morning we took the Apple Pie dinghy to explore the Islands shoreline before a very leisurely sail back for breakfast.
A very little adventure but far more relaxing than a long sail to Cork, car transfers up and down and sailing in crap weather tomorrow.
It was nice to do a little exploring near home. Pictures by Ken

Lazy sailing but there was no rush

Low tide on the South side of Rabbit ( me exploring )

Thursday 2 June 2016

Great start to 2016

I have been very lazy about posting anything recently.
Teal however was launched around the 20th, we didn't want to leave her alongside to get scratched up so a quick check over and we motored off down river.
Baltimore wooden boat festival was on last weekend and for a change the weather was absolutely beautiful. And a great weekend was had.
We finally rigged Teal for her topsail which despite being an ill fitted sail we were able to put to use.
She showed her stuff on Saturday taking 2nd place in the Class B boats which is basically anyone who pits themselves against the Lobster boats and a very respectful 6th over the line overall.
The racing is taken lightly in Baltimore but its always nice to try our best.
We made a poor course choice on the Sunday which cost us time but nevertheless we got one of this years plaques for the collection.
Ken made a sail cover too which has worked out well and our new main is finally safe and sound.

Gaff ketch Sile a do & Cornish lugger Peel Castle

Lobster boats and a Mackerel boat

Mackerel boat An Run