Monday 28 April 2014


Beautiful day to day but I have tonsillitis and don't feel like doing much. I took some pictures though. I took a few of the rigging but I'm incapable of taking a good photo of a mast.

The crane refitted, I'm going to use Teals old (modern) blocks for this season but I will change them to timber blocks in the future.

I need to trim the rudder stock and the cleat bolts and varnish the aft toerail piece

Sunday 27 April 2014


We had a busy day today, All the eyebolts and crane fitted to the mast and all the halyards ran, Sealed in the rudder pintles and fitted the rudder for good, finished off the aft piece of toerail and rubbing strip and antifouled her. So the outside of the hull is finished bar a few coats of woodskin on the new teak bits. Next we have to set up the mizzen mast and bobkin and do a few more interior bits.
Forgot my camera unfortunately but Ken took a few on his phone.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Launch day is looming

Spent the evening completing little jobs.
First thing I did was to get a plumb line and mark where to drill through the mast partners, Cut them out and fixed on the chocks.
I fitted the chainplates for the bobkin shrouds, Gloss painted the rudder stock, the transom, the stem and touched up a few other areas.
Drilled and fitted a breather to the fuel tank and clipped the fuel line and engine loom up out of the way and fitted a step in front of the engine cover.
I'm hoping that most jobs will be finished by the end of next week so that we can move her up the yard and start rigging.
We were hoping to launch her on the 5th but now I have to be elsewhere on the 6th so it will probably be the following week. The shrouds are still waiting to be collected so I need to follow up on that tomorrow and see about getting her insurance survey done.

I need to trim down the top of the rudder stock and make a metal cap or band for it to give it extra support .

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Mast chocks

I got these finished off yesterday and planned to have them fitted today but unfortunately I didn't get at Teal today. Might get them fitted tomorrow evening, They are the LAST crucial fitting the boat needs. And I think they are pretty.

Monday 21 April 2014

At the helm

Well it was a miserable Monday morning and a bank holiday so no where was open, I didn't think my plan for the day was going to work out but I got on alright in the end.
Teal now has a rudder and a tiller again.

Most of the day was spent getting the pintles sunk into the rudder stock and getting the alignment right. 

The bronze or copper band that I riveted on yesterday

The crooked tiller, The hole for the mizzen mast will be cut the next day

Sunday 20 April 2014

More on the rudder

I have the rudder all planed and sanded now and have refitted the shoe on it and riveted the bronze strap back on to it. Hoping to get it and the tiller fitted tomorrow.
About two weeks to launching hopefully.

Thursday 17 April 2014


I've been on about making it since I started the blog but I finally got the rudder glued up today. Its through bolted with M12 galvanised rods and glued with epoxy. I would have prefered to use the resorcinol but I would have to order more especially and I happen to have the epoxy for another little project in the pipeline.
I've also glued up some iroko pieces to make the mast chocks from. I wanted to make them this way so that when the mast is wedged it won't split them along the grain.

This band is riveted through the rudder and were pretty tough to drive out

Improvising because of a clamp shortage, This one is for the mizzen mast

And of course it had to be polished up despite the fact it will be anti-fouled in a weeks time

Wednesday 16 April 2014


Ok so just when loads should be happening there seems to be very little getting done. I have been busy working so I can't complain too much. Thankfully the little bits and pieces I've done over the last few weeks have shortened the to do list quite a bit so we're not in bad shape.
We only needed to buy and fit one more vital part to make Teal a functioning boat and that was the morse cables. I bought a set of 33c cables but the old fashion remote was designed for 44c type so a bit of fettling was needed. The remote was accessible enough when I put it there but not so much now that the boat has an interior, but I eventually got it all setup and working nicely.
I plumbed in the seawater intake for the engine cooling and plumbed the electric bilge pump as well as running the wires for the nav lights, the fore cabin light and the depth sounder. So thats the wiring nearly complete. I just need to clip all the cables in place and wire up the panel.
I picked up the threaded rods for through bolting the rudder as well so I'm hoping to get it glued up tomorrow.

So this was the access I had, It was enough to remove the remote and get it back in with the cables attached. I don't really have anyone else to blame to be fair. 

Friday 11 April 2014

Bringing her to life

Two guesses what I've been doing today ! 
I made up a new loom for the engine ,new battery leads and have the engine turning over on the key. Oil and battery lights are working and I've made up a loom for the switch panel and bilge pump. I puttied the last transom seam and fitted the nav lights and a hefty bilge pump as well. O and the Nasa depth sounder.

Tuesday 8 April 2014

One down

The Boy Scott went back in the water yesterday so now I can get something done. 
I took all the rigging screws and blocks off of the shrouds and forestays, the old standing rigging is being taken away on Wednesday to be copied. He is going to make them up minus the lower eyes which he will swage in when the mast is standing. The rigging screws are soaking in diesel for a while before I try freeing them up.
I tried to tread the rudder through bolts myself but it was too heavy for the die set I was using so I handed them in to the guy who made the keel bolts to have them threaded. 
I also caulked the top seam in the transom and the ends of the shear strake which I couldn't get to in the tent. Ken has bought a power cut off switch and a switch panel and I picked up a reasonably large electric bilge pump and float switch and some other bits and pieces for the wiring so that will all be fitted shortly. 

Thursday 3 April 2014

Just a pic

Nothing to tell this week, Should get half a day at Teal tomorrow and get a good bit done next week. Theres a guy calling in on Monday to see about making up the new shrouds and forestays for us. I know we could go at it ourselves but at least if its done right this time we'll learn from it for future reference.