Friday 28 September 2012

The centerline structure

Few pics of the finished bits. Took down timber to make the new stand for her.
Planing on fitting the ballast first thing Monday morning.

Frames, floors,deadwood, sternpost, sternknee and transom

apron, bowknee and mast step

Stem, apron, keel joint
Still need to get proper bolts for the stem

Forward frame, apron and bow knee

False keel and aft deadwood

Ready for ballast

Monday 24 September 2012

Ready for ballast

We finished out the framing today, fitted the last new floor, sealed over all the
bolt heads on the underside of the keel and faired off the top of the ballast
with cement so its all ready to go back on. Hopefully we can get the
forklift free later in the week to lift it in place. We are also going to set her up
by her waterline when the ballast is on and support her with the hull clear for
Heres a few of Ken's pics of recent work in progress.

Marking bevels for the hoodends on the inner face of the stem

Lower half of apron being test fitted

Cutting doubling pieces, Piskie in the back ground

It was a rare hot day, so a pre-war hillyard provided shade.

Saturday 22 September 2012

It wasn't ok

My Tealasaurus

Ok so I could probably have found something more worthwhile to do
with my time but I needed to get this stuff out of my workshop anyway
and I had wanted to lay it all out with a while.
Its funny I thought that all this stuff was ok when I bought the boat and
I'm a carpenter, and used to working on boats. I guess its a good lesson
on surveying a wooden boat in future and as a rule of thumb I now know
if its a hundred years old and hasn't been rebuild or had regular work done
then IT NEEDS extensive work.
Those rotten rusty bolts in your bilge are not best "left alone". Change them.

The ballast is going back on in the coming week so I had the keel bolts
retreaded and last two frames are cut ready for fitting. I am short two smaller
diameter keel bolts but I will fit them when the boat is nearly complete as I'll
have to have it lifted over head to bore the keel for them. We simply didn't
have the bit to suit when drilling for the others.

At 32mm diameter they are substantial bolts. The remainder are 26mm

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Bow knee & mast step fitted

We started today by fitting two more frames, making two doubling
pieces and fitting another floor. Once they were in, we bolted in the
bow knee and mast step, Sounds quick but it took the whole day. I
was hoping to get the last frames and floor cut out, remove the fastenings
and plug them ready for the new frames but we didn't have time. Either
way the whole new center line structure is now in and bolted up.

Few more bolts to put through the bow knee and one keelbolt will go through  it as well 
Bit of a reminder 

Hard to make out whats what isn't it

Thursday 13 September 2012

Painting ballast

Got the grinder out today and wire brushed the ballast keel, then gave it
two coats of Aldi's finest metal paint. I wasn't too particular about it. I
just got rid of any loose stuff and painted it up, after all its not going to
rust away to nothing.
I also cut the bow knee out roughly to shape, I will finish that off at home
I then set about removing the skylight from Piskie, Liam is planing on having
an open well, working boat style, so his skylight will become obsolete and
I was planning on copying his so that worked out nicely. It seems in pretty
good shape, I made a start on stripping the paint when I got home, 2 of the
panes of glass need changing but it should do the trick nicely.

Monday 10 September 2012

2 pairs of frames to go

Fitted another pair of frames today and cut out another floor and one of the
remaining pairs of frames. I need to get them done so I can bolt the last two
new floors in before the ballast goes on.

Also I may as well mention that my other boat Providence is up for sale,
She can be seen here
just in case anyone is interested :)

The bow knee and mast step will go in next.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Stem fitted

Just back after getting the stem bolted in place, I had all the curved faces
matching up lovely in the shed but once the apron went in it just wouldn't
match up anymore so I had  to do a fare bit of messing about to get it all
matching up again and make the scarf joints close.
Its all bolted up with treaded bar for now until I get hold of the galvanised
bolts and recess the heads.
The only big piece of oak left to cut now is the bowknee, I made one ages
ago but the apron is different now so I'll make another.
Then its just the last few frames, bolt down the last two floors and the
ballast can be refitted.

It will need final shaping but thats a finishing job, best left to shrink now

Transom frame. Note all the steamed frames, It will be a huge improvement when they are all gone

Teal has an outline again, Its the first time I've seen her with a proper stem

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Apron fitted

We got the apron fitted today and fastened all the hood ends.
We had planned on fitting the stem as well but it wasn't cooperating
and time and the heat were making us rush so we just left it for another
day. At least now she is strong and the worry of it opening up is gone.
Next job is to fit the stem and bowknee.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Stem ready

Had to do a lot more than I felt like doing today to have this lot ready for tomorrow. Anyway its ready to go.