Saturday 24 October 2015

I had the perfect opportunity for a nice sail to Oldcourt in a slack Northeasterly on Monday but I missed out on it as I had to check out the oil pressure issue and I wanted to do other things with the nice day. The oil pressure problem turned out to be just an electrical fault so was easily fixed and I later regretted not taking the opportunity to go. So when Thursday looked pleasant enough I grabbed the chance.
The wind was on the nose but I planned on motor sailing to make good time round.
There was a good lump in the Stags Sound and I was heeled well over. I had been worried she might draw air and just as I cleared the sound she spluttered out. Over half way to Baltimore. I headed on under sail for about a mile but I was going to have to sail along way South West off the coast to make Baltimore so I opted to turn and run.
I considered Castlehaven as it was close but I had no mooring and the wind was to come up over night so I headed back to Union Hall which was a pleasant enough sail. The wind became very light in the bay and eventually I ended up half a mile from the mooring utterly becalmed on a slack tide.
I was on my own so the plan was to get the engine bleed and running once in the bay and able to leave the helm but for various reasons I couldn't get it started again.
After 2 hours messing and dark setting in I called Ken to come and get Dads tender from the pier and come and tow me back the mooring which all took quite a while more. In which time I dropped my phone over the side. It was very calm, very dark and starting to rain by the time I was finally off the boat, exactly where I had started ten hours earlier.
As days sailing go, this one was frustrating !