Friday 27 July 2012

Short on funds

Well theres loads to be done but after paying other bills this week there is
nothing left to continue with on my own and Ken hasn't had any free day
this week to help with the bigger jobs that need doing.
I need to get more aluminium primer to prime the new frames I have ready
before I can fit them and I need to get some epoxy for the plank end repairs.
I don't like the idea of using epoxy full stop and had no intention of using any
but having read about plank end repairs with it I can see its merits for that
particular job. I also need to get some half inch bar to make dumbs for the new
When Ken gets a chance to go down we will get some bolts through the floors
into the keel, finish the sternpost, bed the deadwood and sternknee and drill and
bolt the whole lot together, but that will be a good days work for two of us.
Hopefully the start of the week.

Saturday 21 July 2012

Longing to go sailing

Ken and myself got down to the boat on Tuesday and did a bit, We test fit the
new sternpost which looks the part, removed fastenings where I have cut out
more frames and plugged them and cleaned up the aft port plank ends ready
for repairs.
I went down again on Wednesday and cleaned off the plugs and painted up
the bare timber and the inside of the planks ready for the new frames.
I also collected the deadwood bolts all treaded and ready and the iroko for
the new transom which I have cut to length ready to dowel together.

I've been out at sea the last three days in a row and I must say a few days
in a wheelhouse have left me with a real hankering to go sailing and exploring
the coast without the drone of an engine. I guess I will have to settle for dinghy
sailing for now. Better finish the trailer off !

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Transoms out

Today I bolted in two of the new floors, cut out two old ones and four
of the old frames. Then I let loose on the transom and came home with
another boot full of Teal.
The Iroko for the new transom needs to be collected from Ken's house,
Its a salvaged counter top from a local pub which belonged to Ken's
grandfather, so even the new bits will have a bit of history along with
the plugs made from bits of the AK Ilens old planking.

I took the cover off to see that lovely sheer and boost morale

Another pile of bits

The more grey the better

Thought this gave a good example of her curves

All gone

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Fitting the keel

Checking the fit with the ballast

All lined up nicely,
A quick sharpening of the bit
We clamped the keel to the ballast and drilled about 2 inches into it to get the correct position and angle for the keel bolts

Trying to clear rust out of the iron

We then turned it over to drill the rest of the way through, A bit of WD40 to keep things moving

Even with two powerful drills we ended up using a vice grip and bar to turn the bit.  Actually drilled quite quickly with it.

The keel right where it belongs and the deadwood resting on top

Keel in, floors laid in place
The keel rebate meeting the stem rebate, The stem will be changed soon and halfed into the keel but its great it lined up

Monday 9 July 2012

Big day

Things went well today, we took the keel, deadwood, sternknee, sternpost and
floors to the boat. Liam lifted the ballast on the forklift for us and we started
drilling for keel bolts, three hours later we had four 32mm holes drilled.
We then managed to get the keel in under the boat with surprisingly little
effort and jacked up tight to the floors with small bit of tweeking here and
We slid the deadwood in through the stern for now but it still needs to
be bedded before its bolted down.
Next day I'm going to fit two of the floors and cut out some more frames.
I also handed in the long deadwood bolts to get them treaded.
Its great to see a keel under her again and it all fit and matched up well
with the ballast which makes it all the better.
A big step in the right direction.

Ken has all the pictures so they'll be up soon.