Wednesday 31 July 2013

Day 8 & 9

Ok so, this week I canvassed the deck, topcoated the hull, primed the cabin inside,sanded
and stained the new cockpit coamings and replaced the skin fittings.
For the deck I bedded the canvas in wet paint, then stretched it on and tacked it with copper
clouts, I then wet it and left it overnight to shrink, The next day I wet it down again,
stippled it through with more paint and left it to dry again, It is now ready for a topcoat of good
paint. I have ordered white Hemple multicoat for the task as it sounds like the ideal stuff for the job.
I was under pressure to get the main part of the deck covered so I didn't go taking pictures of
the process, I will for the coachroof.
It was hard to get an exact description of how to do it so I went with what seemed to come up
the most often. I'm really happy with the result and it gives a beautiful textured finish.
I got a few spatters of paint on the coachroof sides but I had given is a coat of varnish first with
that in mind so I will clean that off when all the trim is fitted, I also need to make a cover strip to
go over the tacked join down the center of the deck.
I bought all the teak for the cockpit framing, rubbing strip and toe-rails today so hopefully I can
get some of that prepared for tomorrow.

Thursday 25 July 2013


Picked up the engine today a long last, I have some work to do to it but it should push her
along nicely and its nice and compact.
I also have the other mast and spars ready to be collected, Unfortunately Teals is still
untouched. Perfect job to go at while shes taking up anyway. I should be able to turn it out
in a week pretty easily going by the last one, and a second week for varnishing.

Teals mast, Need to get it glued up ready for working on

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Glandore 2013

Ok so I down right missed Glandore but these little deadlines are really just for motivation
anyway. I had hoped to get to the Ballydehob festival as a back up but that is a few weeks
earlier this year so I won't make that either so as festivals go it will be Baltimore next year
for a first appearance. The aim now is really just to get afloat in the coming weeks and
continue with rigging etc, If I get her out for a sail this year it will be a big bonus but we'll
see how it goes.
Anyway I got out on Ann Again at the weekend for the parade of sail which was nice and
spent a good part of the evening hanging around Glandore. There was a good turn out of
boats with a few big yachts such as the Jolie Brise and the Solway Maid making an appearance.
Baltimore's new Tamar class lifeboat came round for a few hours and showed her stuff on the
way out. I reckon she was out of the harbour in about 3 minutes, It usually takes me about
15 mins to do the same in the Boy Scott.
I tried to avoid taking any photos but on the run in I couldn't resist taking a few.

Three time Fastnet race winner 'Jolie Brise'

Hegarty built lobster boat ' Saoirse Muireann'

At least I look strangely happy

Captain Brendan

Monday 22 July 2013

Day 7

All the edges of the deck planed down flush with the sheer strake
All the edges rounded off
Deck sanded again
Cockpit coamings made, fitted and glued
Hull primed in off-white

Friday 19 July 2013

Day 6

Well I did a load of jobs today but when I went to cross them off my list, none of them were
on it.
I set up the waterline
Gave under the water line a second coat of grey primer
Undercoated above the waterline, white for now but the next undercoat will be off white as
she will be finished cream again, she was white originally but I prefer the cream.
I finished shaping the sternpost
Gave the coachroof sides another coat of varnish
and puttied all the deck seams to give a nice smooth surface for canvas
The 12oz canvas has arrived so as soon as I get some copper tacks we can get on with it.

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Day 5

Bit of a slow start today but I still got most of my planned jobs done apart from cutting the new
cockpit coamings but I decided they would be easier to prep at home anyway

Primed the rest of the hull
Routed out the porthole and the rebate for the glass
Sanded and primed the deck
Sanded the coachroof sides and gave it a coat of stain
Cleared out the tent a bit

The coachroof came out quite dark but hopefully when it gets a few coats of clear and everything
else is painted nice and bright it will look lighter, The repair piece still looks a bit light so I will just stain
that the next day. Liam reckons the coachroof is burmese teak, its definitely darker than the iroko
although the grain looks the same.

Monday 15 July 2013

Day 4

Not much more to say after today except I hate sanding but priming is very rewarding. Its taken
an awful long time and a lot of work to get to this point.

Saturday 13 July 2013

Day 3

Another kind of half day today. Got the cabin top beams plained clean of paint, chamfered
the edges, refitted them all, glued and screwed in place. Then I gave them a coat of varnish
and sheeted the coach roof. I'm glad the beams came out the way they did because they are
far more secure now and look a dam sight better as well.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Day 2

Well day 2 turned out to be a day and a half. I just couldn't get it all decked in one day.
It has been 30 degrees here the last few days which by Irish standards is a heat wave
and on top of a boat in a tent was not the place to be.
Anyway I persevered and got it done.
I need to strip the paint of the coachroof beams, refit them and sheet that next.
Then I'll get the hull sanded and primed.
Probably won't get back to it now for a few days unfortunately.

Monday 8 July 2013

Day 1

Ok so I reckon 16 days work will get Teal afloat and I'm going to stick to the list and
try and get my set jobs each day finished.
So today :
Bolted in lodging knees
Bolted in mizzen mast step
Bolted through planking,transom frame,beam shelf.
Two tie rods where I changed the section on sheer strake
Fixed carlin
Made mast partner
Removed coachroof top and beams.

I hadn't intended on removing the beams but nothing other than the sheeting held them in place
so I'm going to strip them of paint and chamfer the edges so they don't hurt as much when I
bang my head.
Its really hot at the moment so I've opened up the ends of the tent, My mixed epoxy caught fire
and my drill batteries won't charge because there too hot, unusual problem to have here.

Friday 5 July 2013

Hot work

Well I have finished sanding the other mast which just needs a few finishing touches now.
I made a box for sanding it which I've seen used in some book or another. It held a piece
of sand paper about 18 inches long backed by a piece of roofing felt and later I filled
behind the felt with a strip of foam which I think helped. Thankfully I got the mast sanded
before the hottest of the weather we are expecting this week although it was still bloody
hot work and I still have the spars to do.
I had planned on using the orbital sander but it tended to eat into the softer grain and gave
an uneven finish so I bit the bullet and did it the hard way.
I also collected Teals deck yesterday, chamfered the edges and primed the under side. I
gave it a coat of gloss today and I may give it a second coat before I take it down to the
Monday I'm going to do the last few jobs that need doing before the deck goes on. Lodging
knees need to be bolted in, I need to clinch the top rivets which are down behind the beamshelf
as we can't get roves onto them and I need to repair the upper edge of one of the carlins.
Tuesday should see the deck go on with any luck.
Its going to be a sauna up on the deck if the forecast is anything to go by. Might have to remove
some of the tent if needs be.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Busy day

Sore now after an awful lot of planing. 30ft mast and spars ready for sanding. I've gone 
over the mast fairly well with the smoothing plane so it should save me a lot of sanding.
Now I need to make the hounds and gaff jaws, sand and varnish the lot. O and make 
another mast. 

Scarfs came out really nicely

Hard to see the taper in the picture but it does reduce from  127mm to 70mm at the top