Tuesday 24 November 2015

Towel sail yawl.

Just came across a new blog to follow, Its a new lobster boat being built at Hegarty's. You will probably have to hit translate but will be nice to follow. Most of the current one's were built in the early 2000's so I missed it all.      http://saorbaid.blogspot.ie/

Thursday 12 November 2015

2015 done and dusted

I've been very lazy with writing anything lately, Partly due to trying to finish the house before Christmas and probably more so I started re-watching Lost on Netflix. Don't ask why.

We did however finally get the boats back to Oldcourt and just in the nic of time with the way the weather has been rolling in.
We had a hard time getting the engine bled out after that, Even when finally running it was sounding rough for a good 5-10 mins and I was starting to lose hope in it but then after restarting it again it sorted its self out.
A couple of days later we made a dash and motor sailed round, We made good time and the engine ran sweetly for the full 6 hours. The wind and tide were in our favour but there was a decent swell running and the wind was slack at times giving a pretty rolly day out so it was nice to finally make it into Baltimore and up the river. It was slack low tide on the river and we kissed a sand bar passing Innisbeg boathouse. Nothing more than a mild bump but now we can calibrate the sounder at least.
First thing the next morning I brought the Boy Scott around too and struck a line through boating for this year. I'm not sorry as even as there have been some nice days out there has been so many bad ones that incentive has been low.
I have some things I want to tinker with on the mechanical side of things with Teal this Winter and I am going to leave the rig standing so we can get a proper sail and cockpit cover made before next season. I left her the other day drying on the slip with the bow spirit off and a cover on so she may well be out next day I'm down there.

That cleat is crude and needs sorting out but it is a god send