Wednesday 12 July 2023

A step forward

 Finally some real progress has been made. We finally acquired a key part a few months ago being a replacement engine. 

As it happens it's the exact engine we had hoped to fit her with, a Yanmar 3GM30. A three cylinder 24hp with freshwater cooling. Better yet it seems it will fit in the existing engine box. Just need to change the shaft coupling and switch to a 3 bladed prop which I already had.

The deck is complete, the new Samson post is in, the toerails and deckhatch are refitted as are the chainplates and the rubbing strips are all ready to fit. 

I've also managed to get the topsides sanded primed and painted. Next is to finish installing the engine, sand and varnish the cockpit and refit a few deck fittings.

I'm concentrating on the boat itself for now and once she's ready to stick in the water I'll move on to sorted the rig. I don't see us getting to that before the end of this summer but at least things are moving and the big jobs are done.