Wednesday 26 February 2014


Well the interior looks pretty much finished, There is still a good bit to do in there though. Mainly shelves behind the doors, worktops, soleboards and a few pieces of trim. I'm waiting for my hob to arrive.
I finished off a few other bits as well. Split pin in the propnut, shaft anode fitted, sealed and screwed on the compass, vent and Portlight bezel and sealed the last two seams on the floor of the cockpit.

Monday 24 February 2014


I crossed a good bit of stuff off the list over the last few days. The biggest of these was varnishing the spars.
I finally got a few days dry enough to get the last 2 coats on them and I moved them back to the big shed and refitted the hardware to them. They only fittings that remain off are the mast fittings as its hanging up out of the way and I don't want to move it until its going to the boatyard.
We also fitted the Bobstay and bumpkin stay fittings, the engine bed screws and drilled the driveshaft for the prop nut cotter pin.
I primed the last of the bare interior wood last week and Ken gave  it the first coat of undercoat on Friday, I gave it a second coat on Saturday and finish coated it all today. So the next day I will refit all the bunk tops and engine cover and hang all the side panel doors.
I've made washboards and an interior step which I'm in the process of varnishing and finished off the deck/stem joint by letting in a piece of iroko and caulking it in place so once I hinge the forehatch the boat should be ok out in the open. Although the weather isn't exactly inspiring me to remove the tent at the moment.

Bolted through the stem with 8 inch bolts, Its going nowhere

Plate for the beaching legs

Engine cooling intake fitted and Red lead over the engine bed screws

This by right should have been done differently but I didn't realise it in time.

This is what I should have done in the first place  and run the deck forward over the apron/stem joint then caulked it or put a bead along the join

Instead I've cut a snug fitting piece of iroko, bedded it in red lead putty, tucked down the canvas and caulked it all the way round. I've used Stikaflex to fill the seams after. It should be very water tight, Now I just need to tidy it up and give it a coat of woodskin. The stem top will be chiseled out to seat the bowsprit and the bronze stemhead fitted. The deck needs a good rinse after a winter in the tent.

Wednesday 19 February 2014


Ok so the interior is up in a heap at the moment but only because I have brought all the bunk tops and the engine covers home. I wanted to get a square off the edges on the table saw because its much cleaner than can be done with a hand saw, and I also painted the engine covers and gave all the bunk tops a coat of diamond coat to seal them. They will obviously be covered with cushions most of the time but at least they are sealed. I've left them out for now so that I could prime and paint all the frame work. 
I took down one of the side panel doors to test fit it and got the sink bowl fitting where I want it, It will be seated in a teak worktop when its done. 
I'm really pleased with the doors, they will work perfectly as worktops and as a tables.
The next time I put up an interior picture it will be 95% finished.
I did a little work on the stemhead as as well, where to deck meets the stem. I will put up some pics when I finish it. Need to do a few days of painting now. 

Friday 14 February 2014

Side panel frames

I got the side panel frames made up today, they just need painting and I can fit the locker doors. I made all the bunk top sheeting into hatches so they can be hinged and accessed easily.
I made up the engine cover yesterday and test fitted it today and finished off the panel in front of the engine. I've brought them all home for varnishing and painting.
I also fitted the new plates on the beam shelf for the beaching legs a plumbed the fuel tank to the engine.
There was still no electric at the boatyard following the recent storms so it was a bit dark, We hung an extra tarp over the cockpit the other day as the tent has completely given up the ghost and its raining just as much inside, I'm looking forward to taking it down now but however miserable it is to work in there at least I can still get on with it despite the weather.

I need to make up a trim to cover the top edge of the framing.

Tuesday 11 February 2014


So I said the other day that I had a few bits on the way. One has arrived and it is my enamel washbowl
which I'm going to use as a sink. I was scratching my head trying to figure out what to use and what might
have been used a 100 years ago. Copper or bronze would be the obvious choice but I didn't want to spend a fortune just on a sink and I'm not planning on plumbing a drain anyway. So this will just be cut into a worktop and lifted out to empty it.
Stainless steel was just appearing when Teal was built so I have tried to avoid it. I kept the stainless things such as the traveller and the swivel on the end of the boom as it would be madness to replace them with lesser galvanised ones and the hob which I'm waiting for is also stainless but it has a lot of plus points.
I got the other bits back for being galvanised but it seems like they only got a very short acid bath before being dipped, I had electric wire brushed them and they had told me that the acid would remove everything but it didn't, Most of the stuff is fairly acceptable but the Gaff saddle looks a bit rough and will need wire brushing and painting to make it pretty.

Monday 10 February 2014

All shapes and sizes

Found this amongst my photos, You could find anything in Hegarty's 

Thursday 6 February 2014

Water in the bilge

I haven't had anytime to do anything on Teal this week, I have a bunch of things on the way, More about that when they get here. I'm going to collect the parts from galvanising tomorrow evening. I didn't find the guy who makes the cockpit cover yet.
I called to the yard this evening to check on the boats after last weeks storms. There is about 4 inches of water in Teals bilge, Although it means the tent is leaking badly and I don't want the bilge full of fresh water I can't help but be pleased that none of it is leaking out, Not a drop.
I have left the cockpit hatch out because the boat is still sitting slightly nose down and I have yet to fit cockpit drains. I would much prefer that water sitting in the bilge than the cockpit.
Apparently the river was so swollen the other day that it was out as far as the door of the tent.